Tool makers

Get the most out of your tooling materials

Uddeholm offer solutions to virtually all industries and applications. We offer tooling materials and procedures to maximise your total tooling economy regardless of whether you are considering quick and short, medium, or very long production series.

Our widespread network of sales companies and local stocks assures that you will always have access to fast and reliable services.

The local service centres are supported by our highly technical trained staff ready to give you recommendations on how to treat and machine the material so that its potential is fully utilised and the risk of tool failure minimised. The recommendations are flexible to fit your equipment and previous experience with similar materials. Thus, if you have had a specific problem with a certain process in the past, we could help you change tool material and/or preparation to remedy that particular problem.

We can even undertake most of the mentioned services or refer you to qualified and certified partners, to help you ensure a timely and proper tool function.

To know more, please contact your local sales company.