If you are a purchaser, you have a lot of responsibility to find trustworthy suppliers that deliver on time and quality. You also have a lot of opportunities to directly influence the profitability of your company. You do this by selecting a high quality tool steel that last longer.


Case study: Cutting of hot steel

Tooling consist of thousands of different applications. In this real case, a customer wanted to cut hot steel bars. By changing from H13 to Uddeholm Unimax, he could use them much longer.

Event though the maintenance cost was the same, the customer have cut the cost per blade set by 50%!

Standard grade   Uddeholm grade
 Steel type  H13  Unimax
 Cost of blades £1200   £1750
 Maintenance cost  £2484  £2484
 Tool life  54 weeks  128 weeks

 Cost per blade set

 £2484/52=£46.00  £3034/128=£23.70


High qulity steel lower total production costs and increase profitability

The cost of tool steel is just a small part of the total cost of a tool. By selecting a standard commodity steel grade, you may get a lower price but you will also get lower performance. That will reult in lower productivity, tool failures and other costs. By selecting a premium high performance steel, productivity can increase many times over. You

By selecting uddeholm, Uddeholm guarantee full traceability and purity of the steel.