Advanced production processes

Throughout our entire history we have been among the first to develop and use new processes and technologies.
Our steels are produced at our own product company in Sweden and in Austria.

The process routes are designed for the production of tool steel.
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We use three main processes:


Electro Slag Remelting (ESR)

Powder Metallurgy


The production facilities of Uddeholm are tailor-made for production of tool steel bars and comprise units for melting, ladle treatment, forging, rolling, heat treatment and machining. The whole process is strictly controlled to ensure world-class quality.
The conventional production route consist of four general steps:

  • Electric Arc Furnace
  • Ladle Furnace
  • Up-hill casting
  • Hot working and heat treatment

Sophisticated techniques are used to control the entire production process. This ensures that all steels are produced in accordance to specifications, which guarantees that our customers will always receive the same high quality material.


Electro Slag Remelting (ESR)

In Electro Slag Remelting (ESR), the ingot is built up in a water-cooled mould by melting a consumable electrode immersed in a superheated process slag. An electrical current flowing through the liquid slag, which provides the electrical resistance, generates the heat.

Uddeholm is the largest producer of ESR remelted tool steel in the world.


Powder Metallurgy

High Alloy Steels will gain improved properties by increasing the solidification rate. This gives a fine microstructure and small, well-distributed carbides in the matrix.

During Powder Metallurgy (PM), the melt stream is atomised by nitrogen gas into small droplets with an average size of 50-100 µm. The powder is filled into capsules directly in order to avoid contamination. With hot isostatic pressing (HIP), the powder is consolidated to 100% density.

By using a special refining sequence, the cleanliness of the molten steel is improved prior to atomisation. This results in improved mechanical properties and an extremely low non-metallic inclusion level (SuperClean™).

The HIP'ed PM capsules are hot forged and rolled to smaller bar sizes followed by heat treatment and machining.

PM steels are used in very demanding applications within cold work, plastic and cutting tools.